Categories and divisions Explained*

Women's Categories

​​​Bikini OR Beach Body - The bikini or beach body division is known for its model walk presentation on stage. This division focuses on balance and shape as well as overall physical appearance. Complexion, skin tone, poise, and overall presentation are all taken into consideration. This category typically has the largest female entries, and the competition is very high. The judging process includes a solo model walk, group side by side comparison, and a front/back comparison of contestants.

Athletic OR  SWAG - Athletic and Swag are the newest divisions in natural competition.  Judges are looking for fullness of muscles, conditioning and posing/presentation. These divisions use athletic and evening themed attire and props for final stage walk.  Athletes are wearing shoes with attire. 

Fitness - Fitness is known for being the division involving a 2 minute aerobics, dance and gymnastics performance. This routine is judged based the accuracy and difficulty of showing strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, and an solid overall presentation. The mandatory moves within the dance routine include push ups, high kicks, straddle hold, and side split. Judges score the competitors' bodies according to their firmness, symmetry, proportion, and overall physical appearance (complexion, poise, presentation). The amount of strength and physical ability put into these routines is an incredible sight!

Figure - Figure competitors are known for muscle tone and symmetry. Less focus is placed on muscle size in comparison to bodybuilding. However, judges do look for a small amount of muscularity in the physical appearance and muscle tone. The ideal figure competitor has muscle tone throughout the body, shapely lines, firmness, but is not excessively lean. Maintaining a healthy appearance, appropriate make-up, and even skin tone is also important.

Physique OR Classic Bodybuilding - Physique /Classic Bodybuilding is a division that focuses on symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise, and beauty flow. This is one size down from the bodybuilding; contestants are encouraged to avoid certain bodybuilding qualities such as being shredded, ripped, or vascular. Physique competitors should have the overall look found in figure, with a little more muscularity. Judging in this category includes an individual routine, quarter turns, mandatory posing comparisons, and individual posing routines (in finals). No high heels are worn in this category, unlike the other categories; contestants are barefoot.


Men's Categories

​​Bodybuilding - ​Men in the Bodybuilding Divisions will be judged through a series of poses that will allow the judges to evaluate not only individual body parts, but also the “whole package.” Men wear a bodybuilding posing suit; women wear a two-piece solid bodybuilding suit with no embellishments. Athletes are judged in two rounds:

  • Symmetry encompasses overall balance and conditioning.

  • Muscularity and conditioning judges mass, definition, and proportion. 

Physique OR Beach Body - Physique/Beach Body Division competitors are lean, fit and muscular, yet do not have the muscle mass or extreme leanness required for the Bodybuilding Division. Athletes wear conventional Board Shorts with relatively loose legs. Judges are looking for:

  • Nicely shaped overall muscle

  • A small waist

  • Good V-taper

  • Good abs

Competitors are also judged for their male fitness model qualities. Good looks, grooming, and overall aesthetic appeal are taken into consideration as judges look for the best overall package.

Athletic OR SWAG - Men's Athletic/Swag are the newest divisions in natural competition. These category are judged on the aesthetic look, leanness and conditioning. Athletes will use athletic tand evening themed attire for their final stage walk. Athletes will have on shoes for this category. 

Classic Physique or Classic Bodybuilding - In this class the emphasis is symmetry and this will take priority in judging this class rather than size or extreme condition.

  • Conditioning: For this class it is not a priority to be striated. The competitor needs to show symmetrical leanness top to bottom with muscle separation without an overly dieted appearance.

  • Symmetry: Structural Harmony

The Ideal physique will display an aesthetically proportioned muscular “X” frame silhouette, highlighted by a small waist. ​Presentation: Includes posture, effectiveness to display the competitor’s assets, smooth transitions and stage presence. Also considered, evenness of skin tone & color, grooming, suit fit and choice.

Transformation / Inspiration - OPEN TO ALL​

  • Transformation  is a non judged category. athletes are given stage time to showcase their inspirational healthy lifestyle changes and results. The athlete who has had the greatest lifestyle change by means of weight loss, will be the transformation winner.
  • Contestants will take before and after pics to illustrate his or journey as well as submit a 250 word essay on your transformation.
  • Judging:  before and after photos - 20%. Overall Transformation stats - 30%. Contest day stage presence - 25%.  essay- 20%